September 19, 2022

El Paso, TX - El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to host “Ballin’ with Badges” Event. This event is an effort by the Sheriff’s Office to break barriers and build community trust through youth sports. The deputies of the Peter J Herrera Patrol Station will be coordinating and coaching youth baseball teams in Fabens, Texas. The hope is to make formal and informal positive connections with the community they directly serve, with the goal building long-term, meaningful trust. We see this as a unique opportunity in our continual efforts to strengthen positive connections with the Fabens community.

The four teams will be composed of children around eight years of age and from elementary schools in Fabens, Texas. The deputies from the Peter J Herrera Patrol Station want the public to know they value their role in the community and want to contribute positively to the next generation. This event bares no burden on the taxpayers of El Paso County. The deputies have volunteered their personal time for this event.

When: Saturday, September 24, 2022, at 9:00 am.

Where: 16151 N Loop Dr. Fabens, Texas 79838

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Published 19 September 2022 09:58 AM by rvaquera


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