November 20, 2022

El Paso, Texas – On November 16, 2022, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Deputies received information about a theft that occurred at the 1100 block of Aspen Hills in Fabens, Texas. During the investigation, Deputies learned that a surveillance camera in the area captured the theft. The camera captured two subjects stealing items from the Victim’s vehicle, including a catalytic converter. Additionally, deputies could positively identify one of the subjects as 25-year-old Erik Montes. Deputies were able to locate Montes the following day, and the Detectives interviewed Montes.

Further investigation identified the second subject as 49-year-old Leopoldo Hernandez. A search warrant was conducted, and Detectives located the stolen items, which were then returned to the rightful owner. Montes was arrested and booked in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Detention Facility for theft and burglary of a vehicle. Montes is being held under a total bond of $6,000.00. Hernandez was also arrested and booked for the theft and burglary of a vehicle with a $6,000.00 total bond. 


Erik Montes 


Leopoldo Hernandez

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