Women Behind the Badge Mentorship Program

December 29, 2022

El Paso, Texas – The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce the creation of the Women Behind the Badge Mentorship Program. A program designed to train and assist women in performing law enforcement duties. Membership in this program comprises female employees within the Sheriff's Office. The goal is to develop an interaction that is career-sustaining. An interaction where the mentee can reach out to their mentor and share the successes and challenges associated with being a woman in law enforcement. This program has three missions: recruiting, peer support, and professional development. The Sheriff's Office wants to support current and future female employees as they improve the law enforcement profession and recognize public service's influence on the community they serve.

All women of the Sheriff's Office are members of the program. Please contact the board members if you would like to serve as a mentor or participate in upcoming events.

WBTB Flyer Final

Published 29 December 2022 01:49 PM by rvaquera


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