High Risk Inmate Transport Course

October 20, 2023,

El Paso, Texas – The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Region 8 Training Academy conducted the inaugural three-day High-Risk Inmate Transport course for Detention Officers on October 17th, 2023. The development and organization of this program were spearheaded by Range Master Justin Martinez, with the valuable support of all academy instructors.

The objective of this course is to enhance the preparedness of our personnel in transporting inmates outside the boundaries of our detention facilities. Attendees of this course were exposed to comprehensive scenario-based training encompassing firearms tactics, taser deployment, restraint application, defensive tactics, emergency radio procedures, and various other relevant skills.

The objective of this course was to create a comprehensive and dynamic training program that exposes Armed Detention Officers to intense situations, enabling them to effectively respond, engage, or counter potential escape, attack, or ambush scenarios while in the process of inmate transportation.

This training instills in Armed Detention Officers the necessary confidence to depend on their tactical training and enhances their readiness to employ their weapon if the situation demands it. This course will be made available on a quarterly basis to enhance the preparedness of our armed Detention Officers in the event of an emergency.



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