#IMPAWSTERS – 04/22/2024

If you are seeking further information or have any inquiries, we kindly request you reach out to us at EPASadoptions@elpasotexas.gov. We are more than happy to provide you with any additional details you may require.

When it comes to our Most Wanted pets, we ensure they are well taken care of before they find their forever homes. Each of these beloved animals undergo spay/neuter surgery, ensuring their long-term health and preventing potential breeding. Additionally, they receive age-appropriate vaccinations, safeguarding them against various diseases and promoting their overall well-being. To further enhance the safety and security of our pets, we also provide them with a microchip and registration. This invaluable measure ensures that in the unfortunate event of them getting lost or separated from their owners, they can be easily identified and reunited with their families.

We understand the importance of a smooth transition for the pets and their new owners. Therefore, we send each pet home with pet food and essential items such as bowls, leashes, and collars. These provisions aim to ease the initial adjustment period and provide the necessary tools for a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the pet and their new family. Furthermore, as the famous quote suggests, "The world would be nicer if everyone could love as unconditionally as a dog." We believe in the power of unconditional love and the positive impact of pets on our lives. By providing these Most Wanted pets with the care they deserve and ensuring they are well-prepared for their new homes, we hope to form loving and lasting bonds between pets and their adoptive families.


Have you ever thought, "I want the coolest, most majestic dog in the world"? Meet Tiffany. This girl is as intelligent and loving as she is beautiful, and as you can see, she's lovely. One of Tiff's volunteer friends has joked, "You could teach this dog how to cartwheel." Tiff is THAT smart. Her merle coloring is even prettier in person, and those ears? Overwhelming. Tiffany's ears could be the 8th Wonder of the World. Tiffany is a calm, well-behaved lady and loves her people. She can be selective with dog friends and needs a meet and greet with any resident pups in the home to ensure it is a good fit.


If you are looking for an intelligent, high-energy, high-drive dog…have we got the boy for you? Flynn is proof that big things come in little packages. At only 38 pounds, Flynn is full of life, intelligence, and eagerness to please. He also knows how to dance and will spin for treats. He is energetic, happy, and so much fun to be around. This boy is incredible. But if you know young, high-energy dogs, you can imagine how difficult the shelter is for Flynn. Flynn is REALLY struggling. He is becoming extremely frustrated and over-stimulated. He loves other dogs, loves everyone he meets, and is very treat motivated. He's a great dog, but he needs out.


Introducing Rihanna, the shy superstar who's ready to shine bright like a diamond in her forever home! This sweet girl may be a bit nervous at first, but once you play her tune with kindness, she'll be in your lap for love. Rihanna is extremely stressed and nervous in the shelter, but underneath her timid exterior lies a heart of gold waiting to "Take a Bow." With a gentle touch and a little patience, she's quick to "Pour It Up" with love and cuddles, showing her true colors as a sweet and affectionate companion. While Rihanna may prefer to keep a low profile, she's open to making friends with other dogs, as long as the introductions are "Disturbia"-free and slow-paced. She's looking for companions who match her calm and composed vibe, creating a harmonious "Umbrella" of tranquility wherever she goes. For Rihanna, finding her "Diamonds" in the rough means finding an experienced home that can help her "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" and escape her shell. With the right guidance and support, she's poised to become the "Only Girl (In the World)" you'll ever need, bringing joy, love, and a little pop star flair to your life. If you're ready to "Love the Way You Lie" and give Rihanna the chance to "Work" her way into your heart, meet her today and let the music of her love serenade you forever.


This sweet girl is a bundle of joy, ready to sprinkle every moment with her infectious enthusiasm and love for life. Zippy's zest for adventure knows no bounds. Whether she's frolicking with her furry friends or basking in the warmth of human companionship, she approaches every moment with boundless energy and an irrepressible spirit. Zippy's playful nature shines brightest when friends surround her, but her exuberance can sometimes be a bit much for more reserved pups. Due to her enthusiastic greetings and rough play style, we recommend a home with older kids who can match her energy and appreciate her exuberant personality. Zippy's love knows no bounds, and she will bring endless laughter and love to any family lucky enough to welcome her into their hearts. Despite her goofy antics and playful nature, Zippy is really feeling the stress of shelter life and is urgently seeking her forever home. She longs for a place where she can run, play, and be her silly self without the confines of kennel walls. For Zippy, an active household with other playful dogs would be a dream come true—a place where she can play to her heart's content and revel in the joy of canine companionship.

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