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Risk Pool Board

  • The Board of Trustees ("Board") of the Risk Pool for the El Paso County Health Benefits Program ("Risk Pool"), established by the Commissioners Court of El Paso County pursuant to Chapter 172 of the Texas Local Government Code, and in accordance with its duty to supervise the operations of the Risk Pool.
  • The Board acknowledges these purposes for its creation and supervision of the operation of the Risk Pool:
  • Benefits to Employees. To provide uniformity in benefits as described in Local Government Code Subchapter F Section 157.101 to employees of El Paso County.
  • Quality of Benefits. To enable El Paso County to attract and retain competent and able employees by providing them with benefits at least equal to those commonly provided in private industry.
  • Promotion of Employment. To foster, promote, and encourage employment by and service to El Paso County as a career profession for persons of high standards of competence and ability.
  • Protection of Investment. To recognize and protect El Paso County's investment in each permanent employee by promoting and preserving economic security and good health among those employees.
  • Standards of Employer-Employee Relationships. To foster and develop high standards of employer-employee relationships between El Paso County and its employees.
  • Benefits to Elected Officials. To recognize the service to El Paso County by elected officials by extending to them the same benefits as are provided for El Paso County employees.
  • Retirement. To recognize the long and faithful service and dedication of employees of El Paso County and to encourage them to remain in service until eligible for retirement by providing health benefits to those employees.
  • Appeals. To treat with dignity each employee who may have an appeal before the Board due to a complaint on benefits, claims processing, participating providers, etc., and to assure adherence to guidelines.
  • Meeting Information:
  • Once a month
  • 2017 Dates:
  •    - January 18
  •    - February 15
  •    - March 15
  •    - April 19
  •    - May 17
  •    - June 21
  •    - July 19
  •    - August 16
  •    - September 20
  •    - October 18
  •    - November 15
  •    - December 20
  • Begins at 1:00pm
  • County Courthouse - 3rd Floor
  • County Judge's Conference Room - Suite 301
  • 500 E. San Antonio Street
  • Risk Pool Meetings
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  • Agendas: