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The Council of Judges is established by the Texas Government Code for the purpose of overseeing the administration of justice in El Paso County. The El Paso Council of Judges is composed of the judges of the district courts of El Paso County, the judges of the county courts at law of El Paso County, and the judge of the probate court of El Paso County. Tex. Gov’t. Code §75.014(a).

Who We Are

The Council of Judges Administration comprises a diverse group of court professionals: Bailiffs, Administrative Specialists, Performance Analysts, Certified Court Reporters, Licensed Court Interpreters, Jury Hall staff , and our Office Manager, under the coordination of the Council of Judges Executive Director.

What We Do

Together the staff implement the instructions of the Council of Judges to further the fair and effective administration of justice. The Council of Judges Administration provides a variety of services and support for the following courts:  

District Courts

Criminal District Court 1
34th District Court
41st District Court
65th District Court
120th District Court
168th District Court
171st District Court
205th District Court
210th District Court
243rd District Court
327th District Court
346th District Court
383rd District Court
384th District Court
388th District Court
409th District Court
448th District Court

County Courts

County Court at Law 1
County Court at Law 2
County Court at Law 3
County Court at Law 4
County Court at Law 5
County Court at Law 6
County Court at Law 7

County Criminal Court at Law One
County Criminal Court at Law Two
County Criminal Court at Law Three
County Criminal Court at Law Four

Probate Courts

Probate Court 1 Probate Court 2

Other Courts

Associate Child Protective Services Court
Associate Family Courts
Protective Order Court
Jail Magistrate Court
Jury Duty Court
Juvenile Courts

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Services and Support

In cooperation with the people we serve: our Courts; the different City, County, and State departments; local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; social services agencies, law professionals, and elected officials at all levels of the Judiciary, the Council of Judges Administration provide a host of court support and administrative services including:

  • Assigning attorneys to qualifying Indigent Defense Program defendants –on Court Orders for Appointment of Counsel.
  • Researching, analyzing and presenting court data and statistics to improve court performance.
  • Jury System Management.
  • Scheduling defendant psychiatric evaluations –on Court Orders for Competence Evaluations.
  • Maintaining and tracking Criminal Law Attorney continuing education to assure compliance.
  • Maintaining and updating an Attorney Database.
  • Developing and updating planning and procedures for the courts.
  • Participating in County budget hearings.
  • We also provide:
    • Professional Licensed Court Interpreter services –spoken languages.
    • Professional Certified Court Interpreter services –signed language.
    • Professional Certified Court Reporter services.
    • Court Coordinators, Bailiffs, Professional Certified Court Reporters, and Professional Licensed & Certified Court Interpreters for Visiting Judges.

On a limited basis, the Council of Judges may contract with Licensed Court Interpreters and Certified Court Reporters.