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Virtual Summons

The COVID 19 pandemic has prompted the legal system to examine court practices and procedures relating to jury trials. The 327th District Court of El Paso County is part of a Council of Judges initiative seeking to conduct "Virtual" Jury Trials in certain civil cases in an efficient, effective and safe environment.

Both the jury selection and trial will be conducted virtually. The process begins by you filling out this simple online questionnaire.

As a potential juror, you must follow the instructions on this page.

Step One - Online Juror Questionnaire

Click the link below to complete the Juror Questionnaire.
Have your juror summons in hand to input your juror number. [NOTE: you must answer every question on this Questionnaire. Neither HIPAA nor the ADA is a basis to refuse to answer the questions].


Step Two - Watch your E-mail

If you claimed an exemption on your juror questionnaire you will be notified whether the exemption was granted. If you do not receive a notification at least seven days before your jury service please contact us at 915-546-8102. If you did not claim an exemption or if your exemption is denied you are directed to appear VIRTUALLY for your jury service on the designated time and date and as per the instructions contained in the Summons for Jury Service that was mailed to you.

If you wish to postpone your jury service please contact 915-546-8102 immediately to make that request.