Juvenile Probation
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"When a Child Breaks The Law in Texas"
A child who breaks the law in Texas may enter a complex world of procedures, places and people called the juvenile justice system.

In Texas the ages of juvenile justice jurisdiction are 10 through 16. The handling of juveniles is strictly regulated by state law, but juvenile probation is locally administered at the county level.

This facility has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse of youth.
To report sexual abuse, please tell a facility staff member or contact the Texas Juvenile Justice Department at 1-877-STOP-ANE (1-877-786-7263)

Visitor parking

The County of El Paso is happy to announce designated visitor parking for all constituents seeking assistance or services at the Family Youth Services Center or the Juvenile Justice Center!  You can now park conveniently and securely in the front parking spaces with the VISITORS logo on the pavement.