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800 E. Overland
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El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone (915) 273-3344
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(these two terms mean the same thing) - the suspension of a sentence for a convicted defendant subject to his obeying conditions imposed by the judge
(these two terms mean the same thing) - a person duly appointed by one or more courts to supervise offenders placed on community supervision
anyone who is directly affected or injured by the criminal conduct of another
an order of a court to arrest an individual
a requirement of community supervision that the probationer provide unpaid labor for a non-profit organization or government agency
the practice of allowing two or more sentences to be served at the same time
the specific terms imposed by the sentencing judge
the requirement than an additional sentence be served only after a sentence from an earlier trial has been completed.
(these terms mean the same thing) - the person placed on community supervision
a form of community supervision; the judge hears evidence of the defendant's guilt but does not actually convict him of a crime
the conclusion of a community supervision, for good behavior, before the entire term has been completed
a more serious criminal offense for which the maximum possible punishment is confinement in a state prison or state jail or the death penalty
a court preceding where the judge hears evidence and arguments from the attorneys
a less serious criminal offense for which the maximum possible sentence is either confinement in a local county jail or simply a fine.
a change in the offender's conditions of community supervision
a written statement filed by the prosecutor setting out violations of a community supervision and asking the judge to revoke the community supervision
an action by the court ending a sentence of community supervision because of a violation of one or more conditions
out of pocket losses for items not covered by insurance or any other source
the conclusion of a community supervision that has not been revoked.