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7145 Industrial
Suite B
El Paso, Texas 79915
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Phone (915) 546-2134

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Drug Court Treatment Program


Community Service Time Sheet
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Program Eligibility Requirements

- Male and female offenders with a history of substance abuse
- Minimum of 17 years of age
- Minimum of 24 months remaining on probation
- Physically and mentally capable of understanding and meeting program requirements

Program Exclusions

- Offenders with outstanding warrants or pending immigration issues
- Violent offenders with a criminal history of possessing, carrying, or using a dangerous weapon
- Offenders with a criminal history of offenses involving death or serious bodily injury to any person, including offenses of a sexual nature
- Probated offense is possession or delivery of 200g or more of a controlled substance
- Probated offense is possession or delivery of 50lbs or more of Marijuana
- 4 or more subsequent DWI convictions