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Mission Statement

The mission of the DWI Drug Court Program is designed to reduce recidivism of alcohol drug offenders and to enhance public safety through a cost-effective integrated continuum of care and a judicially supervised regime of treatment and innovative case management.

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- Eligible participants of the Program are adults (17 years of age or older) with DWI offenses (Misdemeanor, Felony and Federal) residing in El Paso County, Texas.

Disqualification Criteria
- Offense with a final conviction involving death, aggravated assault with deadly weapon or of a sexual nature and assault on a public servant.

DWI Intervention and Treatment Program (minimum of 18 months)
The DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program (hereinafter referred to as the Program) is the first dedicated specialized court in the region to handle adults convicted of DWI offenses. The program applies the principles of the traditional Drug Court Program to alcohol dependent adults. Eligible participants of the Program are adults convicted of a DWI offense(s). For details on phase requirements and duration please refer to the program brochure

Pre-Qualification Screening and Assessment
- Pre-Screening: The Assistant District Attorney, Program Coordinator, and counselor will provide a screening to ensure referrals meet the established qualification criteria. Counselor will complete a clinical assessment to determine if the DWI Drug Court Program meets the needs of the individual. They will then make the recommendation regarding placement in the Program to the DWI Intervention and Treatment Program team. If accepted, the individual will be referred to participate in the Program. Referring parties will then be notified whether placement was accepted or denied. If accepted, the participant will be referred to the Program Coordinator for program orientation and will then be given an appointment to proceed with intake process (sign a program contract) and establish new schedule; appointments to follow.
The individual will then be expected to complete the Program as a condition of their community supervision (probation).
- Clinical Assessment: All Program participants are clinically assessed by a Counselor (LPC, LCDC, CI, etc.) for placement in the appropriate level of treatment. All psychological and medical documents related to a participant will only be used to assure proper assistance while in the program facilitate linkages to services. Administrative controls will be enforced to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state laws regarding confidentiality.
- If the participant is discharged from the program unsuccessfully, the Assistant District Attorney may prosecute the participant in the future, and the assessment results will not be available to aid in the prosecution. While the DA’s office will be informed about the details of a participant’s discharge because of their participation on the Team, the detailed results of the assessment or other disclosures may not be used for prosecution purposes because it is not conducive to the goals of The Program.

Resilient Invested Succeeding Empowered Program (R.I.S.E.) - Up to 3 Years
Once participants have completed the DWI Intervention and Treatment Program, and yet their sentence has not been finalized; the participant will be required to participate in the DWI Intervention Treatment Alumni Tier as part of their continuum of care.
This Tier consists of the Resilient Invested Succeeding Empowered Program (R.I.S.E.) and will continue to utilize the best practices, monitor their progress, and hold them accountable to the Court. The same Judge will preside and conduct hearings, their compliance will be monitored, consequences will be certain and swift, and positive reinforcement will carry on.
The participants will report to the designated community supervision officer, who will continue to monitor all the terms and conditions of probation and monitor the alcohol monitoring unit. There will be a multidisciplinary team who will be participating in this program. Participants will meet monthly with court and staff of probation.
This tier is expected to last up to three years after graduation date. However, this may be modified on a case-by-case basis and as per recommendations of the Judge and treatment team.

Contact Information:
Leticia Medina
DWI Intervention and Treatment Program
Specialty Court Program Coordinator

Ana Dominguez
Resilient Invested Succeeding Empowered Program (R.I.S.E.)
Specialty Court Case Manager