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Liberty Hall
200 S. Kansas St.
El Paso, Texas 79901

(915) 273-3522

Victor Ramirez, Jury Panel Bailiff

Where to report for Jury Service:

Liberty Hall
200 S. Kansas St.
El Paso, TX 79901
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Phone: (915) 273-3522
Scroll down for directions below.

Parking Instructions for Jurors: Jurors may park at the Enrique Moreno County Courthouse parking garage, located at 500 E. Overland Ave. (Corner of Overland and Kansas) [view map]. Entrance is on Overland Ave. Jurors may also park at a city meter. The jury service staff will provide you with parking ticket waivers at the end of your service. Tickets you receive for unauthorized parking or while on private property will not be the responsibility of the court.

Public Transportation for Jurors: The City and County of El Paso have joined together to make jury service more convenient for you. A free bus pass, providing round trip service to Downtown, is included with the juror summons. The pass is valid only for date indicated.

What to wear: Jurors are requested to dress appropriately, i.e., no tank-tops, shorts, low-cut or "spaghetti strap" blouses, etc.

Breaks, Meals, and Medications: It is suggested that jurors reporting to jury duty eat breakfast as we do not know when or if the Court will break for lunch. For this reason you may also want to bring a snack and lunch. Further if you require any special medication due to health reasons, please bring those items with you.

Jury Selection

The Jury Selection Division randomly contacts thousands of El Paso County residents regarding possible jury duty, from names taken from Department of Motor Vehicles (drivers license and identification cards) and Voter Registration rosters. Returned questionnaires are audited to ascertain if required juror criteria are met and these are the persons who will be summoned to sit on jury panels. Actual juror selection is accomplished by the court and the attorneys at the start of the trial. Payment for those selected to serve is generated by this division.

If you have already received a jury summons or qualification questionnaire, click the I-JUROR link to:

  • See the current status of your summons.
  • Request a referral.
  • Request an excuse.
  • Where to go

Questions? Please see our FAQ or contact Victor M. Ramirez, Jury Panel Bailiff, at If you are having difficulty logging on to the I-JUROR program, please contact Victor Ramirez at (915) 273-3522.

From Interstate 10 exit Downtown (exit 19B) on to East Missouri Ave. (from East) or Wyoming Ave. (from West)
Turn South on Kansas St.
Turn East on Overland St.
Enter County Parking Garage
Take Elevator to the 1st Floor
Follow yellow footprints to Liberty Hall entrance on Kansas St.
Sign Language Interpreter If you require a sign language interpreter in order to serve as a juror, please contact the following personnel so that arrangements can be made for you:

Sign Language Interpreter: If you require a sign language interpreter in order to serve as a juror, please make arrangements 10 days prior to your scheduled jury service by contacting the following personnel:
By phone: 915-273-3522 ext 2557, ask for Supervisor, Jury Division
By email: District Clerk at:
By fax: (915) 273-3859
By Mail or In Person:
   Supervisor, Jury Division, 200 S. Kansas St. El Paso TX 79901

Security: From Liberty Hall, selected jurors will be escorted to the County Courthouse. Upon entering the Courthouse, you will be required to go through a magnetometer. All briefcases, purses and packages will be x-rayed by security. You may be required to remove belts with large metal buckles. The following items are prohibited in the building: firearms, knives, scissors or any other sharp object or weapon.

Certificate of Service: If your employer requires proof of attendance, you may obtain a certificate in the jury assembly room. You may obtain your certificate after your service has been completed.

Length of Service: Jury service may vary from one to several days, depending on the trial in which you serve. You will serve for the entire length of the trial.

Juror Stipend: Attendance pays $20.00 per day; $58.00 per day if empaneled on a jury. If excused from jury duty at Liberty Hall, you will not be compensated for your jury service. Juror stipends may be donated to one of a number of court programs to assist veterans or children.

Jury Reimbursement Donation Program: Pursuant to Texas Government Code §61.003, you have the option of donating all or a portion of your juror reimbursement to the following charitable programs:

• Crime Victim’s Compensation (CVC) Program - to encourage greater victim participation in apprehension and prosecution of criminals and reimbursing innocent victims for certain out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of violent crime.
• General Assistance specifically for Child Welfare Services- to provide local public welfare services for abuse and neglected children and their families, and provide funding for these services.
• El Paso Veterans Treatment Court Program (EPVTCP) –to provide justice involved veterans and active service members with treatment and judicial monitoring and afford them the tools to lead productive law-abiding lives.
• Veterans County Service Office - to advocate for and provide superior service to Veterans and their families, and surviving spouses by submitting claims for earned benefits; increase community awareness and presence to gain access to every Veteran eligible for entitlements and services.

Please note that if you are selected as a juror, the court Bailiff will hand you a reimbursement check along with a juror donation form that you can complete and sign along with endorsing your check to donate to any of the three charitable donations noted above. Click here to see a sample of the form you will be given if you are selected to serve as a juror.