District Clerk
Norma Favela Barceleau

County Clerk
Delia Briones

E-Filing is Here!!!


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You will need to do the following in order to serve the District Attorney, County Attorney, and Public Defender’s office with your e-file: When you encounter the service page of the eFiling process, you may use the following names for El Paso County Offices as service contacts and add them to your case and master service contact list:

District Attorney,
District Attorney El Paso County (dacriminal@epcounty.com)
County Attorney JoAnne Bernal (cacriminal@epcounty.com)
Public Defender Jaime Gandara (PDworkrequest@epcounty.com).

Insert the above mentioned party as a service contact into your case. After you have done this once, you will no longer need to do it again because that service contact will be saved next time you efile another file into the case. Please reference the directory below under the resources tab to look up Court email addresses as well as important information about filing into those respective courts.

In an effort to improve the Public List for eService contacts in eFileTX, The State Bar of Texas (SBOT) and the Judicial Committee on Information Technology (JCIT) are working together to provide a new process that will begin October 1, 2016. A file including all active Texas Attorney's names and their registered SBOT email address will be imported into eFileTX, nightly, to be used as the eService address on the public list. The names and email addresses in the current public list will no longer exist. When this new process begins you will not be able to modify the Public list. If you are not an attorney you can still add yourself as an eService contact. You will need to setup your Service Contacts list and add yourself to the case. For details on how to accomplish this, please see this article. Starting October 1, if your eService email address in the Public list is incorrect, you need to contact The State Bar to change it.

The Supreme Court of Texas has mandated the implementation of electronic filing (e-filing) in all civil, non-juvenile cases, including family and probate cases (Supreme Court Order). Next year this mandate will also apply to criminal cases. In anticipation of that mandate, the Council of Judges approved the gradual implementation of e-filing in criminal cases beginning September 1, 2016.

E-filing is a method of submitting civil pleadings over the Internet to be filed with the court, and is a faster and more efficient way of filing documents than ever before. With eFiling, you can submit your documents online and receive your file-stamped copy back, all without leaving your own office.

The e-filing system that was implemented is called eFileTexas. eFileTexas benefits include:
- Full integration with e-filing service providers - no need to switch.- Low cost filing any time, from any Internet-ready computer.
- Enhanced reporting and financial reconciliation.
- Quick access to file-stamped copies of your court documents.