Whether you're driving on one of our County roads, or enjoying one of our parks, pools, or other recreation facilities, El Paso County wants you to have the most pleasant experience possible. But we realize that sometimes, you may encounter situations that make your experience less enjoyable: potholes, downed or damaged signs, vandalism, or water leaks. We can't be everywhere at all times, so we created EPCounty FixIt so that we can receive information about these situations first-hand from the people who matter most: our citizens. From your computer at home, or your mobile device browser, EPCounty FixIt allows you to submit a description, photo(s), and location of the trouble area quickly and easily. Your report is instantly routed to one of our trained staff so they can assess the problem and fix it as quickly as possible, keeping you informed the whole time. And if your issue isn't resolved within an acceptable timeframe, EPCounty FixIt automatically alerts management personnel so they can make sure your problem is resolved. So if you see a problem, please help us to EPCounty FixIt immediately.