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Juvenile Cases

Our team of attorneys located at the Juvenile Probation Department  represents your children between the ages of ten and sixteen who are accused of delinquent conduct, which would considered a class A or B misdemeanor, or any level felony in the criminal justice system.  Most of our clients meet our attorneys short before the detention hearing, which is often the start of a juvenile case.  For kids who are arrested by law enforcement, and not released to their parents.
Detention hearings must be held within 48 hours.  Unlike the adult system, there are no bond for juveniles.  The Court has to decide if the child can be adequately watched by parents or a guardian on home detention.  Home detention usually requires the child remain in El Paso County, and be supervised by a court approved adult at all times, with the exception of when the child is attending school. 
While many of the concepts between the adult and juvenile systems are similar, the terms are very different:

Adult Cases Juvenile Cases
Arrest Detained
Complaint and Information / Indictment Petition
Pleas Not Guilty/Guilty Pleas Not True / True
Punishment Disposition

The juvenile system’s focus is rehabilitation, and our team works with clients and their families to understand the challenges each child and their support system face, to present compelling arguments to the Court.