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2013 Ruidoso Seminar Materials

Significant Decisions: SCOTUS and 5th Circuit - Kristin Kimmelman
- Powerpoint Presentation
- Handout
Recent Decisions: 8th Court of Appeals - Louis Lopez
- View document
Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions - Matthew DeKoatz
- View document
Ignition Interlock - Judge Robert Anchondo (County Criminal Court at Law #2)
- View document
Ethics - Prepared by Michal Sokolow
Presented by David Kimmelman - View document
Current Issues: Death Penalty - Juan Melendez
- View document
Legislative Update - Senator Jose Rodriguez
- PowerPoint Presentation
- Handout
- TCJC 2013 Legislative Summary

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Hand Down

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Motions Bank

The following documents are in Microsoft Word format.
Advanced Ake Motion
Advanced Application for Probation
Advanced Art. 38.072 Hearsay Statement of Child Sexual Abuse
Advanced Defendant's Second Motion for Continuance
Advanced Motion for Franks v Delaware Hearing-Truthfulness o
Advanced Motion for Inspection of Premises
Advanced Motion for Jury Questionnaire
Advanced Motion for List of Witnesses
Advanced Motion for New Trial
Advanced Motion for Quantitative Analysis
Advanced Motion for Recess at Close of the State's Case in C
Advanced Motion for Severance-Bruton
Advanced Motion for Severance-Co-Defendant is a Felon
Advanced Motion in Limine-2
Advanced Motion in Limine Concerning Speaking Objections
Advanced Motion in Limine-Bond Forfeiture
Advanced Motion in Limine-Field Tests
Advanced Motion in Linime- Anticipated Prejudicial Evidence
Advanced Motion to Adopt Co-Defendant's Objections. Etc...
Advanced Motion to File Additional Motions
Advanced Motion to Invoke the Rule
Advanced Motion to Limit State's Jury Argument-Guilt Phase
Advanced Motion to Produce Statements of Witnesses After Dir
Advanced Motion to Prohibit State Using Written Reports
Advanced Motion to Prohibit State's Use of Computers
Advanced Motion to Quash
Advanced Motion to Take Testimony of Child, 38.071 C.C.P.
Advanced Notice of Appeal Only (Updated by COA Jan. 2003)
Advanced Request for 28.01 Hearing
Advanced Request for Notice-404(b)
Advanced Request for Restitution Hearing
Basic 20 Day Motion on a Motion to Revoke Probation
Basic 28.01 - With Poisoning the Jury Paragraph
Basic 28.01 Motions - Standard
Basic 28.01-Extraneous Offense Variant
Basic 28.01-Request for 28.01 Hearing
Basic Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Bond Reducti
Basic Bond-Motion to Reduce Bond for the Jail Magistrate Cou.doc
Basic Bond-Motion to Set Aside No Bond Order and Set Bail
Basic Bond-Motion to Set Bond Under Tex. Const. Art. 1, Sec..doc
Basic Bond-Motion to Set Reasonable Bail
Basic Election on Punishment-2
Basic Letter Requesting Bond Info from Client
Basic Motion for Court Reporter-2
Basic Motion for Discovery-2
Basic Motion for Interpreter
Basic Motion for Psychiatric Exam
Basic Motion to Quash
Basic Motion to Set Aside or Quash Indictment
Basic Motion to Suppress - Generic
Basic Motion to Suppress - Warrantless Search
Basic Motion to Suppress Illegal ID
Basic Motion to Suppress Statement, Jackson v. Denno Motion
Basic Motion to Suppress Statement-Art. 38.22.doc
Basic Motion to Suppress Statement-Jackson v. Denno Motion o
Basic Motion to Suppress-Search Without Warrant, Marihuana
Basic Motion to Transfer Pleadings to New Cause Number