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El Paso County Courthouse
500 E. San Antonio
Room 904
El Paso, Texas 79901
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Phone (915) 543-3822
Fax (915) 543-3823


For more information on Jury Service in El Paso County, click here

Jury Duty Court exists to help ensure that all potential jurors fulfill their service responsibilities to the county and their fellow citizens.



If you don’t appear for jury service, a summons will be issued by the Jury Duty Court for the show cause hearing to explain your absence.

If you don’t appear during trial, the Judge to whom you are assigned can issue a capias to have you brought to court to address your failure to appear in trial. This is because you are now part of the trial and your duty to appear is much greater.
You will be notified to appear at Jury Duty Court on a later date. You may call (915) 273-3522 and ask to document why you missed. The phone call will NOT excuse your absence but it will help in documenting the situation. The Judge of Jury Duty Court will make the final call at the hearing and a fine may be imposed.
Jury Duty Hall is located at 200 S. Kansas #104. It is where you report if you have been summoned for jury duty. The telephone number is (915) 273-3522. After you have been scanned in, you will receive further instructions.

Jury Duty Court is located on the 9th floor of the El Paso County Courthouse, 500 E. San Antonio, Room 904. The telephone number is (915) 543-3822. You will be notified to report here if you failed to appear for Jury Duty on a prior date.
If you did not report to Jury Hall for jury duty you will be asked to report to Jury Duty Court to appear before the Judge to explain why you failed to report. You will receive your notice via regular U.S. Mail.
The telephone number is (915) 543-3822. Fax number is (915)543-3823. The email is PLEASE NOTE: WHILE COURT IS IN SESSION, PERSONNEL MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE TO ANSWER PHONE CALLS. You may leave a message and they will return your call.
Contact Jury Duty Court immediately for another date. You must speak to someone personally. Do not assume that leaving a message is an automatic rescheduling.
A current Driver’s license or Texas ID, and any other documentation as to why you were not present at jury duty.
If you arrive prior to your scheduled time, please have a seat in the lobby of the 9th floor and wait for the court staff to make an announcement. They are prompt and will begin on time.
Contact Jury Duty Court immediately to update information.

Under Texas Law, you must change your driver’s license within 30 days of changing your address.
You may go in person to any Texas Department of Public Safety office or go online at
Parking for a hearing at the Jury Duty Court WILL NOT be paid for or validated. It is the juror’s responsibility to pay for parking for this hearing.
Plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled reporting time. Jurors cannot be late.
No. Prior arrangements for childcare must be made. Minor children are not allowed in the courtroom.
Jurors must dress appropriately while at Jury Duty Court. No tank tops, shorts, low cut or spaghetti strap blouses/clothing.