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If you have an Attorney General case, please contact them at: 1-800-252-8014
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IV-D Child Support Services

If you are ordered to pay or receive child support, pursuant to Family Code Chapter 154.001 and 154.002 and are not then please contact us, as we are here to help. The Domestic Relations Office has Attorneys who review each case for enforcement and decide what remedies will be recommended to the court on the particular facts of your case. Once you have filled out an application for enforcement, the person ordered to pay child support will be contacted and will be requested to pay immediately. If payment is not made nor payment arrangements made then the attorney will pursue court action to enforce the previous court order. Please note that when the parent who ordered to pay child support is self-employed, or receives cash payments, or is not employed, the process can take longer.

Our office works with outside programs such as NCP Choices, Texas Workforce, Fatherhood Effect Program and others to help the Parent prepare a resume, apply and obtain a job as well as offers counseling for parents that suffer from addiction or mental illness.

If you do not know where the other party is living or working, we do have a locate program that can be used to locate them. If they reside out of El Paso County, please note that there is a fee to hire a private process server to have them served for a Court action.

Read Texas Family Code 154.001 and 154.002 to learn more about Court-Ordered Child Support/Medical Support (click here)

The El Paso County Domestic Relations Office assists parents in obtaining the financial support necessary for their children to grow up and succeed in life. El Paso County enhanced its child support services by implementing the ICSS program, a partnership of the Domestic Relations Office, Family District Courts, District Clerk, and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

ICSS is an early intervention program. Every new temporary or final order that contains Child Support, Medical Support, or Dental Support is eligible to apply for services either by completing a record of support order form or an application under forms with our office. Cases where a child is receiving Medicaid or temporary assistance to needy families are transferred and monitored by the Office of Attorney General.

ICSS monitors child support and medical support obligations from the date they are ordered by the Court to the end of the obligation date. ICSS offers parent locator services and provides review and adjustment of child support orders.

Child Support Review Process (CSRP) involves parties meeting with a Child Support Officer to discuss:

  • Arrearage resolution
  • Modification Review (if eligible after 3 years)
  • Negotiation of New Order
This process is open to include Attorney representation and involvement.