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Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm

Phone (915) 834-8200
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Your involvement with family law could very well be the most difficult period of your life. We are here to help families reach agreements and co-parent to ensure children have positive and stable relationships with their parents. Co-parenting is difficult, whether parents are together or separated. When parents have a cooperative relationship the end result, is a well-rounded child(ren) who is/are better prepared for the world today. Children do better in school and social environments when they have the support of both parents and when parents make efforts to reduce conflict in their relationship with one another. Not only is divorce and separation emotionally draining but it is also demanding financially and physically. Below is a list of services that we provide at a reasonable cost for the benefit of families and children going through this process.

List of Services

Cooperative Parenting Class
Access and Facilitation
Guardian Ad Litem
Amicus Attorney
Parenting Coordinator
Parenting Facilitator
Child Custody Evaluations
Child Relocation Evaluations
Limited Investigations
Genetic Testing

Online Training

In order to receive credit for the training, please make sure to complete and submit online form at the end of the training.

Court Order Orientation - English
Court Order Orientation - Spanish

Project Amistad Supervised Visits and Exchange Program
Child Crisis Center

How to understand your Court Order Tips for Divorcing Parents