Contact Information

Parking Garage Maintenance & Operation
500 E. Overland
El Paso, Texas 79901

The County parking facility was built to provide adequate parking for jurors summoned to the County Courthouse for jury duty. This 768 parking space facility is also open to the public for hourly, daily, or monthly parking. The maintenance and operations of this facility is currently contracted out to a private entity.


Effective October 1, 2011

Daily Parking Garage New Rates

Time Rate
0-10 Min. $0.00
11-30 Min. $2.00
Over 31 Min. $5.00

Lost tickets will be charged maximum rate

Directions for Jurors:

1. From I-10 Exit on Downtown Exit
2. Turn South on Kansas
3. Proceed South, turn East on Overland
4. Enter County Parking Garage
5. Descend in elevator to First Floor
6. Follow Yellow Steps that lead to Liberty Hall.