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The courtroom is a serious place where unfortunately some judges and jurors pass judgement on people by what they wear or how they look.  As a citizen accused, you want to show respect for the judge, the jury and the system.  You want them to know you need to be taken seriously and mean business.  Therefore we ask that you follow some guidelines when dressing for court.

Examples of what to wear for a court setting:

- Jeans or slacks with no holes – wear a belt
- Button down shirt or polo – wrinkle free is the way to be
- No open-toed shoes
-No hats

- Jeans or slacks with no holes
- Skirt or dress – be mindful of the hemline (in this case, less is NOT more)
- No low-cut tops or bare shoulders – when in doubt, wear a sweater
- No open-toed shoes
- No hats

If you find yourself getting ready to go to jury trial, a good rule of thumb for both men and women is to wear a conservative suit in a dark or neutral color. Unfortunately, jurors and judges may also pass judgment on people who have tattoos or wear excessive earrings, face rings, nose rings or have other body piercings.  Please cover all tattoos when possible and refrain from wearing piercings to court, especially if you are set for trial.  In addition, your hair should be well-kept and presentable. If you are getting ready to go to trial, it’s not a good idea to drastically change your hair. Keep beards and mustaches neat and trimmed as well. Remember, you don’t want your hair to be a distraction to the jury, nor do you want to be judged by your hairstyle.
When in doubt as to what to wear, please ask your attorney!