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  • Arthur Redelfs
  • Arthur & Lesley Redelfs Funeral Photo Gallery
  • On Saturday, March 13, 2010, three individuals with ties to the U.S. Consulate were killed in Juarez, Mexico to include a U.S. couple shot to death as their baby who was unharmed sat in the back seat of the vehicle.
  • Among the victims was El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Detention Officer identified as Arthur Redelfs (34). Officer Redelfs was a 10 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Downtown Detention Facility. Officer Redelf’s wife, a U.S. Consulate employee was Lesley Ann Enriquez. Both were traveling together in their Toyota Rav4 when they were shot & killed in front of Juarez City Hall.
  • Funeral Photo Gallery
  • Letter from Redelfs Family
  • Good afternoon,

  • My name is Mike Redelfs. I’m speaking for both the Redelfs &  Enriquez families. We thank you for your patience in waiting for this statement. This has been a terrible time & we’re having difficulty dealing with this senseless tragedy.

  • To start, the family would like to thank Commander Lopez and the El Paso Sheriff’s Department as well as the many other members of law enforcement who have gone out of their way to help during this difficult time.

  • Art & Lesley were wonderful people and loved by many. They were a young couple just beginning their lives together as a family. when they were brutally murdered, 7 month old Rebecca was left in the backseat orphaned but thankfully unharmed. Also tragically, Lesley was pregnant and baby Rebecca will never get to know her unborn brother.

  • There has been an outpouring of love & support for little Rebecca & we are very grateful. We have been asked repeatedly by people how can they help. we have established a trust fund in Rebecca’s name in order to ensure the happy future her parents would have wanted for her.

  • Thank you

  • REBECCA REDELFS Trust Fund Information:
  • Wells Fargo Advisors
  • FARGO DDA 9088032985
  • 201 E. Main St. Ste 101 El Paso, Texas 79901
  • Make check payable to Wells Fargo Advisors – Write Rebecca Redelfs in memo line. 
  • Rebecca's Facebook Page Below
  • To our Fallen Brother
  • By Gerardo Molinar 03/15/10
  • We stand together with a heavy heart and pray,

    For the loss of our brother and his wife today.

    Taken by a bunch of hoodlums’ and cowards,

    Destroying a child by murdering her father and mother.

    We find comfort with the Lord during this dark hour,

    Knowing they’ll stand in judgment by a higher power.

    Thank you for the kind sweet gentle souls you were,

    For enriching our lives daily here on earth.

    There are no words to try to make sense of all this,

    As we come to terms with our loss and how you’ll be missed.

    We’re only thankful for the life of your daughter,

    She will always be here in our hearts and prayers my brother.

    To your family we send our support and love,

    Call on us in time of need and the Lord above.

     We’ll remind your daughter how much you both loved her,

    And try to shield her from this ugly world and hurt.

    We say our last farewell to our fallen brother,

    More determined to stand stronger against crime together.

    And though at times it seems that we’re just not that strong,

    Your memory will only make us take a stand to go on.

    The love we had for you will always remain,

    As we find comfort to know your are free from pain


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