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  • Criminal Investigations Bureau
  • The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of three different divisions ranging from criminal investigations to narcotics investigations.

  • Commander Robert Flores

    Robert Flores began his career with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in 1989. He worked the Downtown Detention Facility and became a Deputy Sheriff in 1992. He was assigned to Patrol and later to the Academy as an Instructor. In 1996 he promoted to Sergeant where he first served in Patrol and later in Criminal Investigations. In 2008 he was promoted to Lieutenant where he served as a Patrol Station Commander, Academy Director and with the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force. In 2014 he was appointed to his current position of Commander. Robert holds a Master Peace Officer License and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Park University. He is a graduate of the FBI NA #257.
  • Directed Investigations Division
  • DID is lead by a Lieutenant, who oversees the following operations:

    Narcotics Section
    Civil Process Section
    Sheriff's Sales
    Criminal Warrants and Fugitive Apprehension Section
  • Criminal Investigations Division
  • CID is lead by a Lieutenant, who oversees the following operations:

    Major Crimes Unit
    Crime Records
    Evidence & Abandon Motor Vehicles
    Crime Victim Services
  • HIDTA Initiatives
  • HIDTA is lead by a Lieutenant, who oversees the following initiatives:

    HIDTA – Drug Enforcement Administration Initiative
    HIDTA – Homeland Security Investigations Initiative
  • Overview: The El Paso Texas Borderland region is uniquely located at the geographic center of the U.S. / Mexico Border between Brownsville, Texas and San Diego, California. This distinctive location makes El Paso an appealing smuggling route for Drug Trafficking Organizations and their contraband as it travels from the interior of Mexico, to large U.S. Cities to the north, east, and west. Consequently, El Paso is also a prime route for illicit southbound currency; the product of illegitimate drug enterprises destined for locations within Mexico. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigation Division/HIDTA initiatives were created in response to this criminal activity. The Division is a tight knit conglomerate of Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies pooling resources and working in unison towards the accomplishment of their mission.
  • Personnel assigned to the HIDTA initiatives work in tandem with Special Agents & Investigators from the Department of Homeland security investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and other local law enforcement agencies. Investigators assigned to the HIDTA initiatives are designated as Task Force Officers and are granted the same authority as the Special Agents in the respective Federal Agency to which they are assigned.
  • Mission Statement:
    The men and women of the HIDTA initiatives have committed to utilize all collective efforts & resources to investigate, arrest , dismantle and successfully prosecute all narcotics trafficking organizations and their affiliates involved in the manufacturing, transportation , distribution, selling and use of illegal drugs in or being transported through the West Texas/ El Paso area. Furthermore we will seize all illegal drugs, cash and other tangible assets associated with and supportive of the illicit drug trade.
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