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  • History
  • History of El Paso, Texas:
  • In 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, creating the United States/Republic of Mexico border. The Rio Grande River, which runs through the Pass to the North (El Paso del Norte) to the Gulf Coast, was identified as that border. El Paso County was created from the Bexar District in 1849, organized in 1850 & finally incorporated in 1911. Portions of El Paso were taken from Culberson County in 1911 & Hudspeth County in 1915. El Paso County, situated at the westernmost corner of Texas.
  • In 1852, El Paso's first Sheriff, William Ford, was appointed. Sheriff Ford's duty was to keep the peace for the county's nearly 1,000 citizens.
  • El Paso, part of the Old Wild West, has played host to such colorful characters as Pancho Villa, William "Billy the Kid" Bonney, and history's deadliest gunfighter, John Wesley Hardin.
  • El Paso and it's sister city across the border, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, has developed from a lawless trading post and mission, into a modern and progressive region, forming the world's largest binational metroplex. El Paso and Ciudad Juarez have a combined estimated population of two million people. The International Ports of Entry average 16,500 pedestrians and 45,000 vehicle crossings every day.
  • Today, with 1,058 square miles to protect, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office proudly serves the more than 700,000 residents of this border community.
  • Sheriff Leo Samaniego designed the patch, worn by the officers of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, and adopted in 1986. Depicted are three of many cultures that settled the southwest. Represented are the native Indian, Spanish Conquistador, and the American Cowboy, bordered by banners of the State of Texas "Lone Star" flag.
  • For more information of the History of El Paso, Texas try: EPHISTORY.COM
  • Click icon below to view History of El Paso County Sheriff's Patches:
  • The History of El Paso County Sheriff's:

  • William Ford - 1852

    William Yates - 1859

    Juan Armendariz - 1870

    Charles Ellis - 1871

    Charles Kerber - 1874

    Benito Gonzalez - 1880

    Batista Mariany - 1882

    J.H. White - 1883

    H.R. Hildebrant - 1890

    F.B. Simmons - 1892

    J.H. Boone - 1898

    J.H. Comstock - 1905

    F.J. Hall - 1908

    Payton J. Edwards - 1910

    Seth B. Ordendorff - 1916

    Tom Armstrong - 1929

    Chris P. Fox - 1933

    ;W.W. Hawkins - 1942

    Allan Farby - 1943

    Joe Campbell - 1949

    Jimmy Hicks - 1951

    Wesley Smith 1958

    Bob Bailey - 1958

    Mike Sullivan - 1965

    Ramon Montes - 1978

    Michael P. Davis - 1982

    Leo Samaniego - 1985 - 2007

    Santiago "Jimmy" Apodaca - 2008

    Richard D. Wiles 2009 - present
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