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  • Explorer Post 2005
  • The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Post 2005 - is a program geared for young men and women who have completed the eighth grade and are between the ages of 14 years but have not yet reached their 21st birthday.

  • The goal of the post is to help El Paso County youth gain insight into a variety of programs that offer hands-on career activities. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office aims to provide a scouting experience for young men and women giving young teens / adults an opportunity to learn about a career in law enforcement.
  •  Explorer Post 2005 gained National recognition during the week of July 20th through July 26th 2008, as the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 2005 participated in the 2008 National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference (NLEEC) held at Colorado State University. The conference is held bi-annually and is open to 500 teams from across the nation. The conference consists of seminars, demonstrations and most importantly, team competitions. Most major law enforcement agencies, both local and federal, sponsor and maintain an Explorer Post and therefore, participated in such conference.
  • The El Paso County Sheriff's Office was able to sponsor a team of 10 Explorers and 4 Deputy Advisors for the week long conference. Our Explorer Post competed in several team competitions and were able to obtain (2) Top Ten recognitions in the areas of White Collar Crime and Arrest/Search & Seizure. They were also able to represent themselves well in the areas of Crime Prevention and Bomb Threat Assessment.
  • The competitions consist of interactive/scenario simulations in which they are presented with an objective, enter the scene, and through teamwork and efficiency must complete such objective. Each scenario provides real challenges in the form of role players, evidence, scene safety, props and a judging panel present at the time. Explorers must be prepared to work as a team, arrest suspects/offenders, maintain officer safety, process evidence, demonstrate command presence and professionalism during each event.
  • Explorer Post 2005 represented the Sheriff's Office, our communities and our city with immeasurable commitment and prestige, often being commended by other Explorer Posts for their appearance and overall attitudes.
  • The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 2005 is currently recruiting individuals.
  • In July 2010, the Explorer Post 2005 traveled to Atlanta, Georgia and brought back a 3rd place trophy in the Arrest-Search and Seizure scenario under the National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference Competition which consisted of other agencies around the United States competing under different law enforcement scenarios.
  • The Sheriff’s Office explorers are taught discipline, leadership skills, integrity, responsibility, and respect. In training, explorers motivate each other by challenging themselves mentally by building self-confidence while conducting physical training, marching, radio communication, traffic control, and repelling. The explorers get to participate in the “Ride Along program”. They interact with the community by handling out Children Identification Kits.  Explorers also make public appearances by participating in local parades and local events.
  • Next National Conference Competition will be held at Bloomington, Indiana in the summer of 2014.
  • If you know of anyone who may want to be a part of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 2005, contact Chris Acosta 915-538-2223 or email chacosta@epcounty.com
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