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  • Special Traffic Investigators
  • Traffic Division Photo Gallery
  • After many years without a Traffic Section, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Traffic Section was established in 1991. At that time, seven Harley Davidson FXRP motorcycles were purchased from Barnett Harley Davidson in El Paso, TX using confiscated funds. The officers and motorcycles assigned to this section were tasked with many different responsibilities.
  • In addition to traffic enforcement, the Traffic Section was responsible for investigating all accidents involving department owned and leased vehicles and investigating accidents involving serious bodily injury and/or death. The primary function of the Traffic Section at that time was to assist the Metro Narcotics Task Force with their daily operations.
  • Since that time, the functions of the Traffic Section have increased substantially. Traffic Section officers are now responsible for school zone speed enforcement, DWI enforcement grant operations, Click-It-Or-Ticket seat belt grant enforcement operations, parade/ special assignment traffic control, department personnel funeral details, specialized traffic concerns reported to the department by members of the public, hit-and-run investigations, all department owned/ leased vehicle accidents and accidents involving serious bodily injury and/or death.
  • Officers assigned to the Traffic Section hold various certifications to include Intoxilyzer Operator certification, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing certification, Basic Accident Investigation certification, Advanced Accident Investigation certification and Accident Reconstructionist certification.
  • With the generous assistance of Barnett Harley Davidson, Traffic Section motor units are periodically exchanged for new units at no cost to the citizens of El Paso County. These generous donations ensure that Traffic Section motor units are kept in good working condition and patrolling the streets of El Paso County.
  • The El Paso County Sheriffs Office Traffic section consists of one Traffic Supervisor and nine Traffic deputies who are all Special Traffic Investigators. The traffic section currently use nine 2018 Harley Davidson FLHTP motorcycles for traffic enforcement along with sharing responsibilities of being the on call investigator as their primary fucntions.
  • Traffic Supervisor-Sergeant Andrew Neverkovec
  • Contact info: aneverkovec@epcounty.com (915) 538-2260
  • El Paso County Sheriff’s Office “Area” Traffic Officer Program
  • In an effort to allow the Sheriff’s Office Traffic Section to become more responsive to community concerns, the concept of the "Area" Traffic Officer Program will be initiated into the Patrol Bureau. The Sheriff’s Office recognizes that traffic is a primary concern for many of our County residents. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Bureau will divide our nine districts into zones. Each of these zones will have one or more “Area” Traffic Officers. These Officers were selected for their strong community relations and problem solving skills. They will be responsible for investigating and resolving traffic related concerns or complaints, utilizing creative, proactive approaches. The "Area" Traffic Officers solicit the support of patrol officers, citizens, County Roads and Bridges, Texas Department of Transportation, and/or any other partners from the City, County, State and Public Works and work in partnership to address issues within their specific zone. The "Area" Traffic officers initiate problem-solving strategies with neighborhood residents and provide aggressive enforcement when appropriate.

    The long-term responsibility for a specific zone enhances the officers' understanding of the community and allows them to focus their attention on particular neighborhood traffic issues. This program also encourages officers to establish relationships with the residents within their zones and provides them with a heightened awareness of the people and activities in the zone.  Contact with the community provides familiarity and allows the officers to develop a sense of ownership, thereby positively impacting traffic issues and concerns within their zone. Additionally, "Area" Traffic Officers will utilize the Sheriff’s Office CIARA form to record problems and log information pertaining to construction projects, traffic collision data, etc. “Area” Traffic Officers will have access to a mobile radar trailers to deploy in identified areas of traffic concern.  If needed, Area Traffic Officers may use a marked Sheriff’s Office unit decoy that can be strategically placed to assist with traffic issues.
  • Goals and Objectives of the Area Traffic Officers Program are to:
  • Traffic conditions on residential streets can greatly affect neighborhood livability. When streets are safe and pleasant, the quality of life is enhanced. When traffic problems become a daily occurrence, they threaten one's sense of community and personal well being. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Area Officers Program is about livability in neighborhoods. It's a way for citizens to address quality of life issues such as speeding, cut-through traffic, parking, street/speed zones, infiltration and other concerns to an Area Officer. Citizen involvement is an important part of all traffic calming projects. The people who live and work within the zone will have the opportunity to become actively involved in the process.
  • The goals of the Area Traffic Officers Program are to preserve and improve neighborhood livability by:

  • . Addressing speeding vehicles,
  • . Parking violators,
  • . Abandoned vehicles,
  • . Road conditions,
  • . Street signs,
  • . Discouraging undesirable driver behavior,
  • . Encouraging safe pedestrian and bicycle use,
  • . Involving area residents in solving traffic problems, and
  • . Any other traffic related issues.
  • The objectives of the Area Traffic Officers Program are to:

  • . Positively influence driver behavior through education and design.
  • . Encourage citizen involvement in the Area Traffic Officers Program.
  • . Achieve lower vehicle speeds in neighborhoods with identified speed problems.
  • . Improve real and perceived safety for motorized and non-motorized users.
  • . Addressing the needs of pedestrian, bicycle and transit use.
  • . Reduce cut-through traffic in neighborhoods.
  • . Replace street signs in poor condition or missing.
  • . Report poor street or roadway conditions to the local street department.
  • . Remove vehicles abandoned on roadways which are creating a traffic safety issue.
  • . Address a wide-range of traffic related issues.
  • Geographic Area Zone Team Members:
  • Our primary goal as Area Team members is to carry out the Sheriff’s Office mission and to do it in a way that is consistent with our values. Our mission- Protect lives, property, and the rights of people; maintain order; enforce the law impartially; provide quality police service in partnership with other members of the community. To fulfill our mission, we will strive to attain the highest degree of ethical behavior and professional conduct at all times. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office values the trust the public has given us and will honestly and ethically carry out our responsibilities. We will adhere to the Constitution of the Unites States and the State of Texas in pursuit of community service. We will investigate and respond appropriately to all allegations of impropriety.
  • The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will implement the geographic policing zones by dividing the nine patrol districts, assigning and staffing each zone with a team member from the Traffic section who are dedicated to serving the community. Our members take great pride in providing a quality service to their community and to maintain the quality of life to our citizens.
  • To contact the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Area Traffic officer please click on the link below.
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