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  • Public Affairs
  • The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Public Affairs Section is committed to the accurate and free flow of information to the public in matters of public interest, concerns, and public safety. This Office will cooperate with authorized news media representatives to provide factual information on developing activities or incidents surrounding this Office, as long as such information does not: violate the law; infringe upon the right of an individual or group; jeopardize the safety of a member of this office or any citizen, to include the victim or accused; or interfere with Office operations.
  • EPCSO Public Affairs is operational twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Public Affairs is responsible for receiving Office information from the various divisions, and disseminating information to the media.
  • In cases of homicide, fatalities, high-profile arrests or major occurrences, basic information will be made available within a reasonable time period at the scene. Information may also be distributed to all major news outlets when details of the case have been forwarded to the Public Information Officer. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office recognizes the importance of releasing information in a timely manner.
  • The Public Affairs Director is Vanessa Tena. The Public Information Officer is Mr. Ray Vaquera. They are the only person(s) who can release details to the media or the general public involving cases of public interest.
  • Public Affairs Office function shall include at minimum:
  •    • Assisting news personnel in covering news stories at the scenes of incidents;
  •    • Being available for on-call responses to the news media;
  •    • Preparing and distributing agency news releases;
  •    • Arranging for, and assisting at news conferences;
  •    • Coordinating and authorizing the release of information about victims, witnesses, and suspects;
  •    • Assisting in crisis situations within the agency;
  •    • Coordinating and authorizing the release of information concerning confidential agency investigations and operations; and
  •    • Developing procedures for releasing information when other public service agencies are involved in a mutual effort.
  • When staffing is insufficient to cover multiple incidents in the field simultaneously, a field supervisor in conference with Public Affairs may coordinate and provide information to members of the news media at the scene.
  •    1. Information posing an undue risk to the personal safety of the Office, media representatives, victims or others.
  •    2. Information that may interfere with office investigations or operations.
  •    3. Information that adversely affects the rights of an accused or the investigation or prosecution of a crime.
  •    4. Information concerning the identity of children or victims of sexual assaults.
  • News agencies may request to be listed as "recognized" members of the working press by calling the El Paso County Sheriff's Office of Public Information at (915) 538-2223 or (915) 538-2119.

  • BIOS

    Vanessa Tena
    Public Affairs Director

    Ray Vaquera
    Public Information Officer
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