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Ruben P. Gonzalez

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301 Manny Martinez Dr., 1st Floor
El Paso, Texas 79905
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Texas Deparment of Motor Vehicles
Texas Department of Public Safety
El Paso Central Appraisal District
City of El Paso
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Enforcement Division

301 Manny Martinez Dr.
1st Floor
El Paso, TX 79905
Phone: (915) 771-2332 Fax (915) 771-2333

Vehicle Inventory Tax (VIT) & Auto Dealer Compliance-

The division is responsible for Vehicle Inventory Tax collection, which involves the prepayment procedure in accordance with §23.125 of the Texas Property Tax Code by ensuring that all licensed automobile dealers report and pay their Special Vehicle Inventory Taxes.
Licensed Dealers are required to comply with several state laws regarding title transfers and registrations from which the division scrutinizes a range of 400 licensed dealers to make sure each one is in compliance with other laws (i.e. Export Only Rule, title transfers, and authorized sales.)

Vehicle Registration Abuse Program (VRAP)-

is designed to bring vehicle registration violators who live in El Paso County and have vehicles with license plate from out of state or country, to register their vehicles in Texas, either voluntarily or through enforcement action with the help of the citizens of El Paso. VRAP is a grantee of the Texas Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (A.T.P.A.)

Curbstoning (to include Title & Registration Fraud)-

is the practice of illegally selling vehicles on the street or at the curb by unlicensed car dealers who do not pay local, state or federal taxes, who may be selling stolen, damaged or salvage vehicles. "Curbstoners" may also be selling vehicles with a lien that has not been properly released or not being satisfied. In Texas it is illegal to sell more than five cars each year without a dealer's license. The division plays a major role in educating the public as to the dangers of buying a vehicle from an unlicensed dealer.

County Scofflaw (Warrants & Child Support Violators)-

The scofflaw is the foundation for denial of vehicle registration for county moving violation warrant holders or child support violators. There are many residents in the city and County Of El Paso, who have outstanding moving violation warrants or fines that have not been paid to the County Of El Paso. These people continue to register their vehicles every year, when monies are owed to The County of El Paso. Therefore, the division is coordinating this campaign in order to assist the County Constable and Domestic Relations Office (DRO) to collect revenue owed to the county on such a critical economic crisis.)