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Bill D. Hicks
34th Judicial District
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Phone (915) 546-2059
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Due to the sensitivity of all cases, we ask that you do not email any information or questions regarding a case. Please contact a Victim Advocate directly.
Email ElPasoDA@epcounty.com

For Victims Assistance needs, please send your inquiries here:

Located in El Paso, Texas, the District Attorney’s Office represents the state and victims of crime in the prosecution of adult felony and misdemeanor cases committed in El Paso, Culberson and Hudspeth counties.

For all PIA requests, please email: DAPIARequests.gem@epcounty.com


Buddy is a member of the team at The District Attorney’s Office in El Paso, TX. Buddy is the first therapy dog to have ever worked at The District Attorney’s Office. As some people tend to shut down when speaking to another person about their trauma, studies have shown that therapy animals help bridge that disconnect in some cases.

Many may have heard the story about Buddy. Buddy was rescued from a case of animal cruelty in which he was found hanging by his leash from a window at the home of his owner at the time. Buddy was an active dog who liked to jump, and the solution was to tie Buddy up. After being rescued and cared for by a local non-profit, Law N Paws, Buddy came to work at The District Attorney’s Office as a Victim’s Assistant Therapy Companion.

Before Buddy was able to join our team, he had to go through numerous hours of training and classes to ensure he would be fit for the task of helping victims of crime be able to cope. In June of 2022, Buddy began his training at Barker Haus Kennels with two amazing professionals, Tiffany and Angie. During the course of three months, Buddy and his handler attended various training classes and performed countless simulated duties to prepare Buddy for his new role in life. After the three-month course, Buddy graduated from the therapy dog program in September of 2022.

Buddy did not waste any time and got right to work in assisting our Victims Advocate Unit. He has been able to provide support to many victims of crime to include children and adults alike. Buddy has been instrumental in preparing a victim to be more comfortable with speaking to a prosecutor about the trauma they experienced so that the information received would be used in trial to seek justice in their case.

Buddy has a new purpose in life and through his work, many victims will be helped by our four-legged companion. Many thanks to those who assisted in the process of making the acquisition and training of Buddy possible.

If you or someone you know can no longer take care of your pet, please seek the proper resources, and call the proper organizations to re-home your pet. If you notice or suspect animal cruelty, please call 911, as it is a crime and is punishable by law.

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