El Paso, Texas

When compared to other similar areas of the country, El Paso County stands out as an excellent business location. In El Paso County, you will find:
• A highly educated and trained workforce
• A vibrant network of biomedical, clean technologies, homeland security and high technology electronics;
• Low cost of living with a high quality life;
• Business friendly taxes (no state corporate income tax)
• Affordable and attractive real estate options;
• Excellent transportation network connecting you to ports of entry and
• Excellent public schools

El Paso County is the largest metro area on the Texas/México border. As a best in-class-location, El Paso offers one of North America’s most efficient business environments while affording a great living experience. The largest city in the county is El Paso and there are several smaller communities that are integrated and contribute to the regional economy with a diversity of cultures, as well as a variety of urban and rural settings. Smaller communities include: Anthony, Canutillo, Clint, Horizon City, San Elizario, Socorro, and Vinton, Texas.

Our Global Presence

El Paso County is strategically located on the U.S. / México border with its sister City of Ciudad Juarez, making it the largest bi-national region in the world. El Paso County has seen a transformation in its commercial and urban setting as major investors have taken note of its great location, favorable business climate, and world class infrastructure including:
• Large clusters of manufacturing: automotive, electronics, and biomedical;
• State-of-the-art technology infrastructure;
• Access to a regional market of more than 3 million;
• Five ports of entry serving US/Mexico trade;
• El Paso International Airport linking industry to global markets;
• One of only eight international communication gateways in the U.S.

Living Here

El Paso County has one of the youngest and most diverse populations in the United States.
• El Paso County is the most diverse city in the nation with a great mix of people, culture and industries. We are the future of America.
• El Paso County offers affordable and diverse neighborhoods, from urban living to country living.
• A great climate made for outdoor enjoyment and recreation nearly year round
• Many professional and amateur sports venues and events
• It’s the Mexican food capital of the US
• A natural environment for hikers, mountain climbing, and highlighted by parks and trails
• A creative culture that supports the arts, music and the theater
• Year-round festivals and celebrations for people of all ages • If you work hard and dream big, anything is possible in El Paso County.

Quality Of Life

El Paso’s rugged background provides a natural setting with a national park and a state park that is nestled in the Franklin Mountains that split part of the urban community. According to US News and World Report, “El Paso was No. 9 on the list of the 20 best metro areas for quality of life. The rankings were compiled based on topics such as crime rates, education, morning commute times, quality, well-being and availability of health care.” In 2013, Livability called “El Paso's amenities, natural beauty, safety rankings and a list of new projects now under construction make it one of the Southwest's hottest cities.” El Paso County has evolved into an urban cultural renaissance with a creative class of young talent that sees the value of living in the border that offers a variety of lifestyles, cultural diversity with an assortment of outdoor sports, festivals, recreation and entertainment venues.

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