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El Paso County Attorney's Office can help with the collection of your hot checks. Our service is FREE, and now the process is easier than ever. To submit a hot check for collection, just follow these instructions:

Step 1

Open and fill out the "Request for Prosecution" form. The form is located on the left. You might need to have Adobe Reader installed in your computer. Please include as much information you have available as possible.

Step 2

DO NOT SEND THE EMAIL: at the bottom of the second page of the “Request for Prosecution” form, you will find a SUBMIT button. If you click it, it will open your personal e-mail interface. DO NOT HIT SEND YET. You have to prepare the image of your check first.

Step 3

Closely examine the hot check. Make sure the following information is legible: name of person the check was made out to, date, amount, and signature.

Step 4

Make sure the hot check has all the necessary identifiers: Driver license/id number and date of birth of the check writer should be written on the face of check.

Step 5

Scan or take a picture of the front and back of the check. The following types of files are acceptable to submit hot check images: jpeg, PDF, tiff.

Step 6

Attach the check image to the email containing the “Request for Prosecution” form.

Step 7

Send us the email.

Step 8

You should receive an automatic response indicating our office has received your check. If you don’t receive the email, please try again. For further technical assistance, call us a (915) 546-2051.

For further technical assistance, call us @ (915) 546-2051.

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