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Executive Director

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Domestic Relations Office

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  • Enforcement - Access & Possession
  • - Child Access and Possession Enforcement Services

    Access and Possession is the time that the court has awarded each parent to be with the children outside any mutual agreement between the Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents. It is a visitation schedule that the court has either specified or given as a standard. If you are currently being denied access of your child(ren). Please contact us immediately.

  • Application for Access and Possession (English / Spanish)
  • - Agreed Parenting Plans
  • Is your Access and Possession Schedule outdated. Do you need something a little more flexible? Here at the Domestic Relations Office we can rearrange your parenting plan as long as parties agree. Also we can generate alternatives for parents who need public places for exchanges and maybe supervised visitation if needed. Please fill out an Access and Possession application to open a case.

  • Attorney General
  • If you have an Attorney General case, please contact them at