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500 E. San Antonio
Suite LL-108
El Paso, Texas 79901
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Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm

Phone (915) 834-8200
Fax (915) 834-8299

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Attorney General

If you have an Attorney General case, please contact them at: 1-800-252-8014
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Application for Mediation
The Domestic Relations Office (DRO) mediates for separating families that anticipate Divorce or desire to file a Suit Establishing the Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR) with the court. Mediation with the DRO provides a lower cost alternative to litigation by offering parents the ability to decide together what is best for them and their child(ren). Mediation is a process in which a neutral party (DRO) assists parents in resolving issues of custody, parenting time, child and medical support, and limited property including assets and debts. An executed mediation agreement is binding and should be presented to the court by the parties for a final order to be issued.

Application to Enforce Child Support/Medical
Use this application form if you want to enforce a court order for any kind of child support, including monthly payments, health insurance, and out-of-pocket health care costs for your child(ren)

Application for Modification of Child Support

Application for Preparation and Issuance of Administrative Writ of Withholding for Child support, Medical Support, and/or Arrears
Use this application form if you have an order for child support, but want it garnished from the obligor's (payor's) wages.

Application for Preparation and Issuance of Order to Terminate or Reduce Withholding from Earnings for Child Support
Use this application form if the garnishment of child support should be stopped or the amount garnished reduced because one or more conditions for termination/reduction of support included in the child support order have been met

Application to Enforce Access and Possession Rights
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Application to Modify Access and Possession Rights

Application for Child Support Calculation
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Use this application if you want to know if the obligor (person paying child support) is behind or not, and how much (unfortunately, the current El Paso County child support computer system does not calculate this automatically, and we must manually enter each obligation owed and each payment made into a separate software system)

Affidavit of Direct Payments
*Spanish translation coming soon
This affidavit form may be used when child support payments have been made directly from the obligor (person paying support) to the obligee (person receiving support). Because a signed, notarized affidavit of direct payments provided to the DRO will be filed in the court's case file, the form is available in English only. Please complete BOTH pages . Esta forma esta en Ingles únicamente. Esta forma es para que el acreedor (la persona que recibe la manutención infantil) haga una declaración jurada a la corte afirmando que el deudor (la persona que paga la manutención infantil) a pagado la manutención infantil directamente a el acreedor. Una vez que esta forma este certificada por un notario y firmada por el acreedor la ORD se dará cuenta que la manutención infantil se a pagado y la forma se archivara en el expediente de la corte. Por favor de llenar las dos paginas.

Information Sheet
*Spanish translation coming soon
Use this form to notify us of a change in your address Esta forma esta en Ingles únicamente Usar esta forma para notificar un cambio de dirección

Enforcement of Unreimbursed Health Care Expenses

Medical Demand Letter

Medical Expense Log

SAPCR Information Sheet
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Case Screening Instrument
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Attorney Referral List
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Request for Change of Address

Registration form for classes Updated January 2018

Project Amistad Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Program