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  • Graffiti Reporting Form

  • This form should be used for: The Reporting of Graffiti, Tagging or Marking of property with spray paint, indelible markers or other similar type writing instruments.

    Please complete this form as accurately and completely as possible. This will help our Detectives review your report for follow-up investigations. All your complaints / information you provide are very important to us. Whenever you only have partial information, please give us whatever you have! If you need to report more than Graffiti location, please send us a separate Report Form for each one. Thank you.

    If you wish to call the Adult Probation Department Graffiti Wipeout Program HOT LINE which serves outside El Paso City limits the number is (915) 533-3434 or if the Graffiti is within El Paso city limits you can call the 24 hour Graffiti hot line at (915) 621-6789. Thank you
    Date of Report: Time of Report:
    Address Where Graffiti is Located:
    Date of Incident:
    If you wish to be contacted, please fill out this information:
    Last Name: First Name:
    Street Address: City:
    State: Zip:
    Home Phone: Work Phone:
    Email Address:
    Please provide a brief description of the Graffiti:
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