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  • Internal Affairs
  • How to Submit a Citizens Complaint
  • Comments or Concerns
  • The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is committed to resolving all complaints quickly & accurately so that we may provide the best possible law enforcement to the El Paso Community.
  • The Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs Section shall accept and investigate, fairly and impartially, complaints of employee misconduct and impose any disciplinary action that may be justified, in a timely and consistent manner. The complainant need not be the aggrieved party, but may be anyone who witnessed or otherwise became aware of an incident.
  • Internal Affairs shall investigate all allegations of wrong doing or impropriety which include:
  •    1. Abuse of police power
       2. Discrimination
       3. Racial Profiling
       4. Violations not handled at the supervisory level
       5. Other procedure violations not handled at the supervisory level
       6. Conduct which may affect the image or credibility of the Office
       7. Conduct which may expose the Office to significant risk of civil liability
       8. Conduct that constitutes a violation of law, in which case, a concurrent investigation by the Criminal Investigations Division is required
       9. Complaints from an Office employee against another Office employee and supervisors personnel are unable to adequately resolve the issue
       10. Cases for the County Attorney's Office when a civil suit is initiated against an Office employee because of some police-related activity, and the County of El Paso has agreed to defend the employee involved, unless such investigation would constitute or give the appearance of a conflict of interest
       11. Employee injuries, fleet accidents, or lost/damaged property when directed by the Sheriff to develop additional information.
  • Call for an appointment at (915) 538-2211 or appear in person at the Internal Affairs Office located at 3850 Justice Dr., El Paso, TX. You will be asked to complete a sworn affidavit. Office Hours Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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