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County Auditor
Barbara A. Parker, CPA, CIA

Downtown County Annex
320 S. Campbell Street, Suite 140
El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone (915) 273-3262
Fax (915)273-3266

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Executive Management
System Support & Administration
Accounts Payable
Internal Audit
Financial Reporting
Grants Compliance and Audit
EPCCSCD Fiscal Services

The payroll division is responsible for the issuance of the payroll to employees of the County of El Paso. The division makes payments to over 2,800 employees each payday. It also issues over 3,200 W-2's (Wage and Tax Statement). Any inquires pertaining to the processing of payroll, employee deductions, and pension may be directed to this division.


Nick McCarthy, CPP
Audit Manager
Extension 1182
Mayra Salazar, CPP
Audit Accountant Senior
Extension 1184
Guillermo Aguilera
Audit Accountant
Extension 1205

Mabel Sanchez Pardo
Audit Accountant
Extension 1722

Sylvia Sifuentes
Audit Generalist
Extension 1183

Instructions ESS View Paychecks

Instructions ESS View Paychecks

Oaths of Office

Oath of Office Requirements
(Info prepared by the El Paso County Attorney's Office)
2006 Outline of Official Bond and Oath Requirements
(Info prepared by the Legal Department of the Texas Association of Counties)

ESS W-2 Instructions

Electronic W2 Delivery

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How to Read the W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

The letters and numbers listed below coordinate with the letters and numbers listed in the boxes of the W-2 form.

a. Employee's social security number
This is your social security number

b. Employer ID number
This number is El Paso County Federal Tax ID number

c. Employer's name, address, and ZIP code
This includes the County's name, address, and ZIP code.

d. Control Number
Not Applicable (N/A)

e. Employee's name, address, and ZIP code.
This is your name, your last known address, and ZIP code.

1. Wages, tips, other comp.
This amount includes all federal taxable income for wages received during calendar year. Taxed deferred annuities, such as Nationwide, and other box 12 amounts have been deducted from the gross wages. Amounts in Box 14, such as County Pension and Dependent Care Account have been deducted from the gross wages.

2. Federal Income tax withheld
All federal income tax withheld during calendar year.

3. Social security wages
All social security taxable income for wages received during calendar year.

4. Social security tax withheld
All social security taxes withheld during calendar year. This is FICA on your pay stub.

5. Medicare wages and tips
All Medicare taxable income for wages received during calendar year. There is no maximum for Medicare taxes.

6. Medicare tax withheld
All Medicare taxes withheld from your wages during calendar year. This is MEDICARE on your pay stub.

7. Social security tips

8. Allocated tips

9. Advance EIC payment

10. Dependent care benefits
Total amount paid to a 125 cafeteria plan for dependent care.

11. Nonqualified plans

12. Codes
Used for reporting of various miscellaneous information, principally concerning benefits. Amounts reported must be preceded by identifying codes (see back of W-2 for additional information)

13. Retirement Plan Box
Denotes an active participant, during, in the El Paso County qualified pension plan.

14. Other
Items deducted from the taxable gross and not included in the amount located in Box 1. Amounts such County Pension, Clothing Allowance, and Car Allowance are listed.

15. State and employer's state ID #
State and state ID number for El Paso County.

16. State wages, tips, etc.

17. State income tax

18. Local wages, tips, etc.

19. Local Income tax

20. Locality name

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Frequently Asked Questions on W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

Q. What is the employer's deadline for delivering W-2's to employees?
A. The law requires W-2's to be postmarked no later than January 31 to the employee's last known address.

Q. How will my W-2 be delivered to me?
A.With ESS electronic delivery method, you can receive your W-2 electronically when you enroll. When opting out of this option, W-2s are mailed out to the address on file. Former employee’s W-2’s will be mailed out to their last known address.

Q. How do I change my address?
A. Please contact Human Resources Office at (915) 546-2218.

Q. How do I get a reprinted copy of my W-2?
A. Please email

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457 Deferred Compensation Plan

The 457 Deferred Compensation Plan is a tax deferred plan that allows you to save and invest today for your retirement. Participation is handled through payroll deduction so your taxes are reduced each pay period.

Withdrawals while employed are restricted to unforeseeable emergencies. Effective October 1, 2002, the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan will allow loans to be taken from the plan. For additional information please contact your respective administrator:
- Nationwide Retirement Solutions

Who is Eligible to Participate?
All fulltime county employees are eligible to participate in the plan. Participation may begin at any time during the year.

How Do I Enroll?
To begin participation in the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, please contact:
- Nationwide Retirement Solutions

Employee Holiday Schedule

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Employee Leave

Vacation Leave
Regular full-time and part-time non-elected employees of El Paso County shall be eligible to use vacation leave with pay after six (6) months of continuous service with the County.
Accrual rates for full time employees*

Years of Employment Working Days per Year Per Pay Period Decimal Per Pay Period Minutes Annual Max
1-4 Years 10 3.08 3:05 80 hours 160 hours
5-14 Years 15 4.62 4:37 120 hours 240 hours
15 and Over 20 6.15 6:09 160 hours 320 hours

Part-time employees accrue at 50% of the full-time rates.

*Except Sheriff and Adult Probation Departments*
For more information contact the Human Resources Department

Sick Leave

All full-time, regular non-elected employees who have completed three (3) months of full time service are eligible to use accrued sick leave with pay.
Accrual rate: 3.077 (3.05 minutes) per pay period with a maximum limit of 720 hours.

NOTE: Questions or discrepancies regarding your vacation and/or sick leave balances must be addressed to your immediate supervisor. For more information contact the Human Resources Department

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Employee Health and Dental Rates

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Retiree Health and Dental Rates

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Payroll Calendars (pdf format)

Payroll Calendar 2022

Payroll Calendar 2023

Payroll Calendar 2024

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Payroll Direct Deposit

A better way to handle your paycheck.
Mandatory Effective January 1, 2003

El Paso County encourages all employees to participate in the direct deposit program. The following are some of the benefits of participating in the direct deposit program:
- Eliminates trips to the bank.
- No waiting in line at the bank.
- Pay deposited every other Friday whether you are on vacation leave, sick leave, or have an unexpected emergency.
- No worry about a lost or stolen check.

It is fast and simple to enroll in the direct deposit program by:
(1) Completing a Direct Deposit Authorization Form
(2) Returning the Direct Deposit Authorization Form to or to El Paso County Auditor’s Office, Payroll Division, 320 S. Campbell Street, Room 140.

Please feel free to contact Payroll, at (915) 273-3262 Ext. 1193 for additional information.


- Due to the time required for payroll and bank processing, allow two to three pay periods for implementation.
- You will receive a manual check, which will be mailed out every pay day to the address on file, until the Direct Deposit Authorization Form can be processed.
*Approved by County Commissioner's Court on September 12, 2002.

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Sample Munis Payroll Checks/Advice

Download Sample Munis Payroll Checks/Advice

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