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Catherine Jones
Criminal Justice Director

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800 East Overland
Suite 406
El Paso, Texas 79901
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Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Phone (915) 915-273-3353
Fax (915) 546-2192


Jacob Garcia
Assessment and Intake Manager
(915) 273-3353

Brittney Gatlin
Supervision Manager
(915) 273-3353

Elizabeth Williams
Reentry Manager
(915) 273-3353

Christopher Rey
Senior Justice and Rehabilitation Services Manager
(915) 273-3353

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Cash Bond / Surety Bond / Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond/Split Bond (View Statutory Definitions )
MDR Building 800 E. Overland Ave 1st Floor Suite 100
  • Individuals who qualify may utilize this office in order to expedite the booking and releasing process (to see if you qualify, please call 915-546-2121.
  • Located in the lower level of the El Paso County Courthouse RM LL-110
  • Open Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5PM, excluding holidays
  • Individuals who qualify may utilize this office to resolve any outstanding warrants filed under their names. For additional information please contact 915-546-2121
  • Defendant’s wishing to apply for court appointed counsel can appear at CJC’s Office located @ the El Paso County Courthouse 500 E. San Antonio Ave RM LL-117. For additional information please contact 915-546-2093
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Contact local bonding company to see if you qualify for Satellite Booking
A Judge reviewed the charges against you and determined that there is probable cause for charges to be filed against you. Texas law allows for pretrial supervision and Texas’s Constitution even allows for pretrial detention in limited cases. The presumption of innocence is trial concept implying that the prosecution has the burden to prove that you are guilty.
No. Probation is a sentence imposed after conviction. Pretrial Supervision is a condition of your release pending the resolution of your case and is in place to assist you in fulfilling your release conditions.
Yes. Pretrial Services offers assistance with employment, substance abuse, and other services. All you need to do is ask. In addition, reports can be provided, at your request, to your attorney and/or the judge regarding your compliance while on pretrial supervision. If you do well on pretrial supervision, this may have a positive effect on the outcome of your case.
No, Pretrial Services does not make money supervising defendants. However, Pretrial Services saves El Paso County significant dollars annually by reducing jail bed usage.
The seriousness of the violation will determine our response. Pretrial staff will generally try to contact you to gain compliance before taking further action. We will file a violation for serious violations and repeated violations. This may result in a warrant for your arrest.
You should still report in and take your test because if you miss a test this is a serious violation. At this time you may request to speak with a staff person who will try to help you through your circumstance. Your willingness to seek help may positively benefit you, and may help you avoid being arrested.