September 21, 2023

El Paso, Texas – On September 21, 2023, the dedicated and committed Deputies of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office participated in a highly anticipated and impactful Career Day event. This event took place at the esteemed Horizon Heights Elementary, located at 13601 Ryderwood Ave., Horizon, TX 79928, where the deputies had the opportunity to engage with and inspire the young minds of tomorrow.

Among the esteemed deputies who embraced this opportunity were Deputy Michael Carrasco, representing the traffic motors unit; Deputy Ray Munoz, who showcased the incredible skills of his trusted K9 partner, Deputy Earl Woods; and Deputy Marcus Sarabia. These deputies brought their unique expertise and experiences to the table, leaving an indelible impression on the attendees.

Deputy Michael Carrasco, fondly referred to as "motors," captivated the audience with his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of motor vehicles. With a passion for ensuring public safety on the roads, Deputy Carrasco shared valuable insights into the intricacies of traffic enforcement, the importance of adhering to traffic laws, and the critical role law enforcement plays in maintaining order and protecting the community. His engaging presentation left the young minds in awe and inspired them to consider a career in law enforcement.

Deputy Ray Munoz and his loyal and highly trained K9 partner showcased the remarkable bond between a law enforcement officer and their canine companion. Demonstrating the incredible skills and capabilities of his K9 partner, Deputy Munoz highlighted the vital role these four-legged heroes play in tracking down suspects, detecting illicit substances, and ensuring the safety of officers and the community. The attendees embraced the unwavering dedication and teamwork displayed by Deputy Munoz and his K9 partner, fostering a newfound appreciation for the invaluable contributions of these remarkable animals.

Deputy Earl Woods, an experienced El Paso County Sheriff's Office member, shared his wealth of knowledge and insights gained throughout his illustrious career. With a focus on community policing and building solid relationships with the residents, Deputy Woods emphasized the importance of trust, communication, and collaboration in maintaining a safe and secure environment. His engaging anecdotes and personal experiences resonated deeply with the young audience, instilling in them a sense of responsibility and a desire to positively impact their own communities.

With his unwavering dedication and commitment to serving and protecting, Deputy Marcus Sarabia left an indelible mark on the attendees. Through his passionate and heartfelt presentation, Deputy Sarabia shed light on a law enforcement officer's various roles and responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of integrity, empathy, and compassion in the line of duty. His inspiring words and personal anecdotes left a lasting impression on the young minds, igniting a spark of curiosity and admiration for the noble profession of law enforcement.



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