#IMPAWSTERS – 09/22/2023


#IMPAWSTERS – 09/22/2023

If you are seeking further information or have any inquiries, we kindly request you reach out to us at EPASadoptions@elpasotexas.gov. We are more than happy to provide you with any additional details you may require.

When it comes to our Most Wanted pets, we ensure they are well taken care of before they find their forever homes. Each of these beloved animals undergo spay/neuter surgery, ensuring their long-term health and preventing potential breeding. Additionally, they receive age-appropriate vaccinations, safeguarding them against various diseases and promoting their overall well-being. To further enhance the safety and security of our pets, we also provide them with a microchip and registration. This invaluable measure ensures that in the unfortunate event of them getting lost or separated from their owners, they can be easily identified and reunited with their families.

We understand the importance of a smooth transition for the pets and their new owners. Therefore, we send each pet home with pet food and essential items such as bowls, leashes, and collars. These provisions aim to ease the initial adjustment period and provide the necessary tools for a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the pet and their new family. Furthermore, as the famous quote suggests, "The world would be nicer if everyone could love as unconditionally as a dog." We believe in the power of unconditional love and the positive impact of pets on our lives. By providing these Most Wanted pets with the care they deserve and ensuring they are well-prepared for their new homes, we hope to form loving and lasting bonds between pets and their adoptive families.

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